Hout Sengkea

Hout Sengkea graduated in 2015 with Information Technology degree. Sengkea worked full-time in the first year to learn about money. He had changed many jobs - a restaurant  cashier, a Forex worker, a web designer, a graphic designer and a graphic trainer. Currently he is working as an E-Learning Developer. The reason he always change jobs is he want more new story to write in the books. If the job he is working on is boring or uncreative, my writing will go the same way.

He started writing 3 years ago by learning how to write from the internet. He used movie script as an inspiration to write more. He never have a formal writing class, so with that, he don’t like formal writing. All my books and articles are written in a spoken language. I think it is easier for readers because, after they read my books, they can use in their conversations.

I have finished 8 books now. Two books are published by Life Growth Books which I sold to them. 4 eBooks are on sale under a new online bookstore - Samanh EBooks. I am rewriting one of my old ebooks to make it better. I have no intention to work with any publisher now, so it means all of the new books will appear in this store. I only write in Khmer because I think Cambodia need Khmer books, not just translated books.

Here are book titles of Hout Sengkea:

- ៤ឆ្នាំ

- ប្រយោជន៍ខាងក្នុង

- មកដល់ដៃខ្ញុំ

- ចរិតឆ្កែ

- រៀនតាមឆាវឆាវ

- ជីវិតយើងខ្លីពេក

- រើសមកទុកវិញ

- ​សម្រង់​សម្តី​រឿងនគរទាំងបី​.