Toeung Poevmeas

Poevmeas Toeung is active in social work, especially events that involve with youths. She has recently graduated from The Institute of Foreign Languages majoring in Education. Her passion is to share what she has learnt to the next generation and delighted to see what they strive for their future endeavors. During her academic life, Poevmeas has received a one-year high school exchange program called AFS JENESES to study in Japan in 2008. In 2013, she challenged herself again by gaining another prestige experience to study in the USA as a one semester exchange program in Humboldt State University in California. The exchange experience has changed her to be a responsible and passionate in social working. Currently, Poevmeas is a project leader at Fulbright and Undergraduate States Alumni Association of Cambodia (FUSAAC). She takes lead in an entrepreneur challenge project in which it aims to build capacity and entrepreneur mindset of youths. She also helps in social event planning and event managing at FUSAAC.